Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday Fun!!!
The Osborn January/February Birthday Party!!
The Birthday party was on Aliyva's Birthday.
She got to share her Birthday with her cousins
Mason, Tanner, Porter, & Layne.

Alivya with her brown dog that she wanted.
Her name is brownie!
When she opened the present with her dog in it
she said "thank you, this is everything I wanted"!
I am glad we got her the dog.
We made a Castle cake for our PRINCESS who turned 4!

Blowing out the Candles!!


Cher said...

So cute! Happy B-Day Alivya. I can't believe she's 4 already. Wow - time has really flown by!

Amy Renzello said...

4 years older and 4 years wiser, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS ALIVYA!!!! Brownie is cute and we love your cake. Love Grandma Renzello and Aunt Amy and Ella

Kevin and Erin said...

Cute pictures. Thanks for the horse idea. Both cakes turned out so cute.

Crystal said...

happy birthday livi. come on down and move in! WE hope to be in soonnnnnjnjnnnn.

Kate (and LaVon) said...

Cute!! And way to go with the Castle cake!! We are too old, Belle. Too old.

Cher said...

I tagged you - see my blog for the questions.

ChaseandKristi said...

Belinda, I don't have your number so i hope you get this, but Bunko will be at my house on Tuesday February 24. I hope you can make it. Hope things are going great for you and your cute family.

Lance and Ariel said...

She is so cute, and i can't believe she's already 4!! You're such a cute mommy!

Elise said...

I can't believe that she is 4 already! I found your blog through Jami Whickers blog - yay! I am excited to see what is happening with your cute family. My blog is private, but I would love to send you an invite, just email me at

The Cowan's said...

Hey Belinda, I found your blog and just thought I would say Hi. Your little girl is so cute!! If you would like to look at mine send me your email to mine I will add you.

emanuel figueroa said...

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